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Nancy Lee – Fragmented Reality

The grid plays a central role in the photo collages of Dutch photographer Nancy Lee. It provides the image space with a clear structure, whilst also serving to fragment the reality being depicted. Visual chaos and optical harmony generate a surprising connection between audience and image. The viewer sees a rhythmic composition of tiny particles of reality brought together in a photographic symphony of urban simultaneity. Her images explore subjects such as traffic, market life, or pedestrians, structuring them according to certain characteristics. People carrying open umbrellas, for example, are transformed into an image of multiple abstract dots, or even raindrops. This cutting apart and re-stitching  of reality is done to such an extent that even lorries are deliberately divided into multiple pieces, then floating as dashes of colour through the image space. As with a puzzle, the viewers can try to put the individual pieces together in their heads. More important, however, is the visual rhythm of each picture, through which emerges a unique atmosphere, or a musically inspired theme. Some of the images are like eclectic jazz improvisations, while others float harmonically as classical pieces of music. The abstract-aesthetic rearrangement of reality can be seen as representative of a globalised world. A world in which the homogeneity of the whole appears broken by the diversity of the individual parts, even though these individual parts are often similar or identical.

Stephan Reisner      
2000 - 2001Studied photography at Panamerican Escola des Artes, Sao Paulo, Brasil
2002 – 2004Studied photography at St. Joost Kunstacademie, Breda, Netherlands
Lives in the Netherlands

Награды (избранное)

2008NBKS Voorjaar Individual Subsitie
2007NBKS Voorjaar Individual Subsitie
2006La Lanka kunstprijs, Nomination

Персональные выставки (избранное)

2012Solo Exposition Rythem, Galerie Penning, Eindhoven,Netherlands
2008Grafische Atelier Den Bosch, Netherlands
2005Stichting Beeldende Kunst Amsterdam, Netherlands

Групповые выставки (избранное)

2012Fotos fever, Kunstbeurs Brussels,Belgium
SBK Breda bei Breda Photos 2012, Netherlands
Galerie Pennings, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2011LUX Nijmegen, Netherlands
2010Affordable Art Fair, Westergas Fabriek Amsterdam, presented by Foto100, Netherlands
Arti 10, Den Haag, presented by Galerie Pennings, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2009Woonsbeurs Rai Amsterdam, Galeire Bart Kunst in Huis, Netherlands
City Limits, Galerie 48, Breda, Netherlands
Galerie 23, Summer Exposition, Helmond, Netherlands
Achemea Kunstcollectie exposition, Zeist, Netherlands
2008Nederlandse Gasunie, Groningen, Netherlands
Aa Kerk, Groningen, Niederlande
BartKunstInHuis, Nijmegen, Netherlands
2007Herry Pennings Estafetteprijs Expositie, Galerie Pennings, Eindhoven, Niederlande
Lishui International Photographic Exhibition, China
NBKS Salon X exposition, Breda, Netherlands
ACF Amsterdam,Netherlands
2006La Lanka gallery, Friesland, Netherlands
Bartkunstinhuis Gallery, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Project 073, Het Kruithuis, Den Bosch, Netherlands
2005“In my 50’s”, SBK Gallery, Osdorp, Amsterdam, Netherlands
The future of the Past, National Museum, Jakarta, Indonesien
Understanding Independency, Gallery Foto Journalistic Antara, Jakarta, Indonesien
Tribute the Lights Fantastic Annual Fine Art Photography Exhibition, Agora Gallery, Soho, New York, USA
2004Lishui International Photographic Competition Exhibition, China
Selected students exhibition, Amsterdam Centrum voor Fotografie, Amsterdam, Netherlands
VIPS Gallery, Rotterdam, Netherlands
200310th International Photographic Art Festival, Peking, China
Arles Art Festival, France

Книги/Каталоги (избранное)

Herry Pennings Estafetteprijs Expositie, Galerie Pennings, Eindhoven, 2007
Lishui China International Photographic Exhibition, 2007
Masa Depah Sebuah Masa Lalu Foto festival, Catalogue of Understanding Independency 2005, Jakarta, Indonesia

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