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TRUNK ARCHIVE is a boutique agency based in New York City that represents the archives of the world's leading fashion, celebrity, still life and landscape photographers. Every artist on their roster is acknowledged as being among the very best in his / her genre. To highlight the impressive diversity of images available at TRUNK ARCHIVE we have selected a group of amazing artists to feature in this launch collection.

Achim Lippoth

Alongside his work as a successful filmmaker for TV advertisements, Achim Lippoth has for many years pursued a personal photographic project depicting scenes of childhood.

Describing his work as “staged photojournalism”, he allows the children in his images to become the main characters, the heroes. They appear as dance students, as monks, as members of a perfectly dressed carnival group, and present themselves in proud, intense poses. His studio photography is carefully staged and the children seem to become the conscious embodiment of their characters, meeting the viewer eye to eye.

Lippoth’s perspective draws us into a child-like world in which the props, the poses, and the costumes are presented and interpreted as comprising a natural unit. The children are captured in a gentle, harmonious light, without having to squint or dodge the glare of the camera´s flash.

Lippoth founded the magazine “Kid’s Wear” in 1995. The publication, which he has produced ever since, has been recognised by the Art Directors Club New York, the Art Directors Club Germany, and the Lead Awards among others.

Christina Wendenburg
1968Born in Ilshofen, Germany
1985-1986Byrom College, Manchester, UK
1986-1992Studied art at University of Cologne, Germany
Since 1992Freelance photographer
Since 1995Founder and editor of the magazine „Kid’s Wear“
Lives and works in Cologne, Germany

Награды (избранное)

2010Cannes Lions, Silver Lion, Campaign Savoury Foods
AD Print, Winner, Category Luerzer’s Archive Best Use of Photography
2009IPA, 1st Category Winner Photography Book of the Year
Cresta Award, Category Magazine
2008ADC Germany, Silver, Category Print
2007New York Festivals, Gold World medal, Category Home Entertainment
Cannes Lions, Gold Lion
2006Eurobest Award, Gold, Category Print
IPA, IPA Professional Photgrapher of the Year
2003Lead Award, Gold, Fashion & Lifestyle Photography

Персональные выставки (избранное)

20101954, Galerie Paris – Bejing, Paris, Frankreich
2009Achim Lippoth – Pictures, Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago, USA
2008Achim Lippoth & Kid’s Wear Magazine, Gallery Speak For, Tokio, Japan
Storytelling, Fahey/ Klein Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2007Kindheit – Fotografien von Achim Lippoth, Galerie im Prediger, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Deutschland
2006Kinderfotografen – Achim Lippoth and his Art Collection, Rudolf-Scharpf-Gallery, Ludwigshafen, Deutschland
2005Kinderzenen – Scenes from Childhood, John Stevenson Gallery, New York, USA
2004Kinder der Gezeiten, Gallery Viaux, Hamburg, Deutschland

Групповые выставки (избранное)

2010Proof, Catherine Edelman, Chicago, USA
Small Adults, Shay Arye Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
(Out of) Control, BIP 2010, Liège, Belgium
2008Posing, Kunsthalle Darmstadt, Germany
IPA Best of Show, Farmani Gallery, New York, USA
2007VisualLeader, Deichtorhallen, Hamburg, Germany
2005Fashionation – Between Art and Fashion, National Museum of Photography, Bradford, UK
2004Kinder, Gallery Priska Pasquer, Cologne, Germany
2003Images Against War, Gallery Lichtblick, Cologne, Germany

Книги/Каталоги (избранное)

Achim Lippoth – Pictures, Kehrer Verlag, 2007
Achim Lippoth – (K)art(ell), Skira Editore Milano, 2002
Achim Lippoth – Places to go and see, Die Gestalten Verlag, 2001

Эссе/Статьи (избранное)

Life Magazine, USA
New York Times Magazine, USA
Die Zeit, Deutschland
Stern, Deutschland
Vogue Nippon, Japan
Vogue Ninos, Spanien
Vogue Bambini, Italien
Vogue, Italien
Eyemazing, Niederlande

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