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At first glance, Christiane Zschommler’s large-format artworks seem like depictions of reality. If you take a closer look, however, you can see they are made up of many separate pieces. Some branches disappear from one section to the next, and some are slightly offset in where they sprout from the crown of the tree. Zschommler shows us her own unique perspective on nature.

To make sure her tree-filled landscapes are uniform in terms of light and color balance, Zschommler takes all the individual photographs on the same day. She then creates the perfect illusion by playing with perspectives, proportions, and distance from the subject. The artist, who lives in the English countryside, is drawn to the peace and quiet of the woods, noting: “My inner connection to nature flows directly into my work.”

By rearranging the individual elements, Zschommler puts bending boughs and delicate leaves into entirely new contexts, and the results are extraordinarily beautiful. Treescape simulates the natural through self-referential artifice. The unique wood frame was conceived just for this piece and adds geometric structure, giving the artwork a fascinating, sculptural appearance.
Christiane Zschommler grew up in East Berlin and studied photography at the University of Westminster in the 90s. In 2015, she was named the Surrey Artist of the Year and has already published two photo books: Made in Germany (2009) and Hiraeth (2016).

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