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Italian artist Giorgio Lo Cascio, also known as GLOC, creates entire worlds in his images. We cannot get enough of these layered ensembles loaded with meticulously placed details. Framed by a bookshelf, an entire encyclopaedia is brought to life before our eyes.

From the way these spatial structures are constructed – deliberately crafted to allow room for pictures within the picture – it is clear to see that Giorgio Lo Cascio is an architect. His compositions are engineered “living spaces” that bring history and fiction to life. We are more than happy to join the artist on a journey of discovery through time and space.

Despite the aesthetic association with surrealism and the depiction of antique sculptures, Lo Cascio’s works are clearly anchored in the present. The artist made the decision to change from analogue to digital photography a few year ago, and he makes full use of its creative potential. Individual elements, taken from his travels or personal collection, are brought together in a mosaic-like manner. This form of photography is not about replication, but creation. The imaginary, memories, and dreams are captured in meaningful symbols and transported into the realm of the visible.

Daniela Kummle
Giorgio Lo Cascio was born in 1943 in Como, Italy. In 1970, he completed his Architecture studies in Milan. Alongside his career as an architect, he continued to pursue artistic endeavours – first as a painter, then as a photographer. In 2008, he began to focus on digital photography, achieving notoriety primarily under the artist’s name GLOC.

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