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Enchanted Waters

Juraj Lipscher’s works in the series Enchanted Waters are Impressionist-like images of magically reflected water landscapes full of mottled light and buoyant joy. Lipscher’s photographs reveal a landscape of magic. In the tradition of the Impressionists, he captures nature’s continuous transformations in brief, enigmatic moments. But these images leave nothing to chance – to the contrary, the artist determines the moment in which nature reveals herself as a work of art. A leaf, yellow with autumn and blurred by the water’s rippled surface, looks as if painted in oil and assumes a completely different density. Lipscher experiments with the visual effects the rays of sun create on the surface of the water.

His images gambol with the age-old conflict between appearance and reality. Playing on the theme “A tree is a tree is a tree” Lipscher doubles the perspective, using the water’s surface as a second lens. With the reflection’s help the photographer is able to discover nature’s colors anew. As he describes it, “The forest became a fairytale to me, one that I illustrate with my photos.”

The resulting images are ebulliently beautiful in their indirectness. The photographer creates an imaginary landscape from the real one, which is the source – one in which anything is possible. Lipscher’s works have been exhibited in the Musée de l´Elysée and at the New York Photo Festival, among others.
1948Born in Prague, Czechoslovakia
1950 Moved to Bratislava (today Slovakia)
1968 Emigrated to Switzerland and received doctorate from Universität Zürich
Since 1968intensive autodidactic work with photography

Lives and works in Rupperswil, Switzerland

Гранты (избранное)


Коллекции (избранное)

Zwischen Baden und Zürich: Entlang der Autobahn, Eine Auswahl von 12 Fotografien, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 23./24. Januar 1993
Industrie Landschaft, Fotografien und Textteil über die Baustelle des Donaukraftwerks in Gabcíkovo in der Slowakei. PHOTONEWS, Nr. 5, 1994

Spielraum, Eine Auswahl von Fotografien zum Thema "Kindheit", Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 15./16. Oktober 1994

Kinderbilder, Fotografien und Textteil zum Thema "Kindheit", PHOTONEWS, Nr. 10, Oktober 1995

Fleur de Ville, Fotografie aus dem Zyklus über städtische Flora: Schaufenster zürcher Blumengeschäfte, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 9./10. Dezember 1995

Endstation: Kehrichtsverbrennungsanlagen in der Schweiz, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 28./29. September 1996

Wir Kinder von Cyber–Zoo, 12 Porträts von Kindern mit japanischen Tamagotschi–Tieren. Text von Christian Hubschmid, Neue Zürcher Zeitung 22./23. November 1997

FOTOGRAF, Prag, 4/2004 Volume 3, S. 38-49

FORECAST, Zürich 02/05, S. 40-45

Персональные выставки (избранное)

2010    Exhibition in the course of the FOTOFESTIVAL l’Eté photographique de Lectoure 2010 in Lectoure, France
2009    Exhibition in the course of the NEW YORK PHOTOFESTIVAL in Brooklyn N.Y., USA
2008    Single exhibition Body Shops, in MUSÉE DE L’ELYSÉE in Lausanne, Switzerland
2005    Single exhibition Genius Loci in the Centre MOULIN de BLANCHARDEU in Lanvollon, Bretagne, France
2004    Single exhibition in the Galery FIDUCIA, Ostrava, Czech Republic

Групповые выставки (избранное)

2008    Group exhibition Ein Tag im Leben der Tschechischen Republik, in the Galery MANES Prague, Czech Republic
2007    Group exhibition Fotogenie der Identität, Das Gedächtnis der Tschechischen Fotografie in Kunstmuseum of the city Brünn, Czech Republic, in the NATIONALEN MUSEUM FÜR FOTOGRAFIE in Jindřichův Hradec, Czech Republic and in the FRANTIŠEK DRTIKOL GALERIE in Příbram, Czech Republic
2007    Group exhibition Identité: Juraj Lipscher, Virginia Restain, Annet de Voort in the Galery LA FILATURE, Mulhouse, France
2005    Group exhibition in the Centre BATHYSCAPHE in Pommerit-le-Vicomte, Bretagne, France
2005    2 Group exhibitions in the Galery FIDUCIA and in the Galery KOKSOVNA in Ostrava, Czech Republic
2004    Group exhibition in the Galery Michal, Ostrava, Czech Republic
2004    Group exhibition in the Galery MLEJN, Ostrava, Czech Republic
2003    Group exhibition in the Galery FIDUCIA, Ostrava, Czech Republic
Group exhibition in the Galery MICHAL, Ostrava, Czech Republic
2001Group exhibition Selection vfg 2000 (Schweizerische Berufsfotografie) in Zurich. This exhibition was performed also in Basel and Chur
2000    Group exhibition in the Galery PHOTOFORUM PASQUART in Biel. Purchase of the serie Geburtsort through the art commitee of Biel

Книги/Каталоги (избранное)

Juraj Lipscher - Body Shops, Editions Gwin Zegal, Plouha, Frankreich, 2008
Jeden den Ceské republiky - A Picture Chronicle of a Day in the Czech Republic, Frey Brno, 2008
The Photogeny of Identity – The Memory of Czech Photography, Prague House of Photography, Katalog, Prag, 2007
Ostrava – Periphery or what?, Industrial Landscapes, Catalogue of a three year photographic project in Ostrava, Czech Republic, 2006

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