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European Projections

London, Paris, Rome, Berlin – Sabine Wild toured Europe’s major cities armed with a camera, ready to transform monuments and skylines in her very special way. Her architectural images are works of art composed of structures and light. Wild captures the world in lines. Her typical vertical and horizontal hatching creates a flickering structure. A fascinating picture in which only hints of the underlying reality remain.

Thanks to Sabine Wild, the Römer in Frankfurt seems like a gothic convention of lights. At the same time, it is not a picture that gives off a feeling of medieval confinement; bright and fresh colours dominate. In the Sachenshäuser Ufer, the artist brings a natural element into her normally very abstract visual language. Arising from the “real” cityscape, the wintry boughs are naturally formed shapes that do not want to assimilate into the horizontal lines of the river or the verticals lines of the Frankfurt skyline. In this way, Wild’s art creates an exciting contrast between art and reality, between alienation and naturalness.

New York Projections and Asian Projections

In New York Projections and Asian Projections, Sabine Wild discovers the beauty of the night, which experiences a special appeal in cities full of artificial lights. The lit-up buildings, streetlights, and headlights serve as creative material for the artist’s urban compositions. Luminous batches of colour break through the graphical austerity that Wild otherwise consistently sticks to. The famous skylines of New York, Hong Kong, and Shanghai appear as if painted: Action Painting 2.0.

Sabine Wild has further developed her vertical-line visual language and discovered the digital means for creating her work. In post-processing, she designs her thrilling compositions – dark horizontal and vertical lines stand by powerful colours, painterly passages by graphical areas. As in painting, the energetic way the colour is applied determines the effect the image has. Sabine Wild reveals a new, impressive look at the world and its architecture.


In her Woods series, Sabine Wild takes her painterly means of expression into the abstract. While her architectural images give an impression of reality, here, she dissolves it into shapes and lines. The longer one’s gaze rests on the picture, the more the lines transform back into trees.

It is not sorcery but the unique art of Sabine Wild. The composition quotes her architectural work. Lakefronts and bogs lie peacefully in the horizontal lines. Tall trees rise into strong vertical lines. In between, their boughs refine the surrounding space. Sometimes Wild leaves the subtleties of tree bark plainly recognisable, and sometimes she obscures them with superimposed lines.


Sabine Wild subtly brings diverse structures and our big cities’ hidden dynamics to light. She elegantly and uniquely deconstructs urban architecture. Through the digital blurring, her photographic work takes on emphatic aspects of painting. This new art form, which Wild unquestionably created, is most clearly recognisable in her Woods series, in which she masterfully employs gestural painting and artistic photography. Born in Italy in 1962, the artist now lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


Dissolving fixed visual structures

In her work, Sabine Wild captures landscapes and architecture in patterns of lines, shapes, and colours. She translates the swift movements and fast pace of the cities into pictures that can be read in a second. Her photographs settle into the realm somewhere between mirage and reality.

Atmospheric images

The forest compositions almost seem like an alternative draft of the urban works. In different levels of abstraction, she captures the moods of the seasons: the stillness of a winter day between the thin trunks, or the spring green, next to which those out for a stroll appear like dabs of colour. That which Sabine Wild develops through formal resolutions and impressionistic dissolutions is emotional and intoxicating.
1962Born in Padua, Italy
1985-1990Studied Germanic Studies, Linguistics, and Spanish in Bielefeld, Münster, Cologne, and Berlin
1990MA from the Technical University of Berlin
2005-PresentMember of the New Society for Visual Arts (NGBK)
2006Co-founder of Galerie en passant in Berlin
2007-PresentVisual Arts Advisor for the Gemeinschaft der Künstlerinnen und Kunstförderinnen e.V. (Association of Artists and Art Patrons) (GEDOK)
2008Member of neunplus, a photographers’ collective for the advancement of auteur photography
2008Founded the Kulturrundgang Südwestpassage with Susanne Wehr in Berlin
2009Founded the Scharli Balllon artist’s group with Christina Marotzke and Andrea-Katharina Schraepler
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany

Персональные выставки (избранное)

2015Architektour, GASAG Kunstraum, Berlin, Germany
2014Megacities – Fotografien von Sabine Wild, Haus der Architekten, Düsseldorf, Germany
2012Ausstellungszyklus Dresden: Contemporary. Landscapes, Art Corporates, Galerie Coselpalais, Dresden, Germany
2011Urban Structures, Galerie Meisterschüler, Berlin, Germany
Rasante Städte, Art Society of Tauberbischhofsheim, Germany
2010Rauschen, Galerie Dengler und Dengler, Stuttgart, Germany
Stuttgart, Galerie Dengler und Dengler, Stuttgart, Germany
2008Sightseeing, Galerie Dengler und Dengler, Stuttgart, Germany
Aufriss, Galerie en passant, Berlin, Germany
Vertikale, ARD-Hauptstadtstudio, Berlin, Germany
Freizeitarchitektur in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Haus der Architekten, Düsseldorf, Germany
2007Fragile Welten, Galerie en passant, Berlin, Germany
2006Suppenküche, Fenster 61, Berlin, Germany
2005Rostige Aussichten, Federal Chamber of Architects, Berlin, Germany

Групповые выставки (избранное)

2015Linienstrasse, Galerie en passant in der MILA-Galerie, Berlin, Germany
Resonance, Mr. Big International Art Center, Chengdu, China
Let Art Talk II, Mr. Big International Art Center, Chengdu, China
Photoweekend Düsseldorf 2015, Galerie Petra Nostheyde-Eycke, Düsseldorf, Germany
2014Let Art Talk I, Mr. Big International Art Center, Chengdu, China
Art Shoes – Shoes in Contemporary Art, Galerie Petra Nostheide-Eycke, Düsseldorf, Germany
2013Konstantin Schneider – In Kunstkontakter We Trust, RAR Galerie, Berlin, Germany
2012Kaffee Konstantin – Auf der Suche nach dem verlorenen Kapital, Michaela Helfrich Galerie, Berlin, Germany
X-City, Matthias Hagemann und Sabine Wild, EMG-Art Guangzhou, China
Nature! The Mirror of Human Existence, Fotofestival Seoul, South Korea
Fremdsehen, Galerie en passant, Berlin, Germany
Those were the days, EMG-Art, Beijing, China
Schwarz, Galerie Dengler und Dengler, Stuttgart, Germany
2011Menschenskinder - Wunder bei Walz, Galerie Fasanen37, Berlin, Germany
Shadows of the Bright, Berlin Art Projects, Germany
Kälte, Galerie Dengler und Dengler, Stuttgart, Germany
Naked, Galerie en passant, Berlin, Germany
2010European Month of Photography, Galerie en passant, Berlin, Germany
50 Jahre GEDOK Berlin 1960-2010, Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
2009Zwölf 2009, Galerie en passant, Berlin, Germany
Action Painting Today, Galerie Dengler und Dengler, Stuttgart, Germany
Kunst im ARD-Hauptstadtstudio 2003-2009, Berlin, Germany
20083rd European Month of Photography, Berlin, Germany
Salz + 16 Lösungen, Villa Kobe, Halle, Germany
2007Kleine Heimat - Kleine Fluchten, Verborgenes Museum, Berlin, Germany
Große Kunstausstellung, Halle, Germany
8. Klasse Meisterschueler: Paare, Galerie Meisterschüler, Berlin, Germany
2006A 100, Kommunale Galerie, Berlin, Germany
Dialog Analog Digital - Synopse 06, Willy Brandt Haus, Berlin, Germany

Книги/Каталоги (избранное)

Creative Germany. Bettina Schmiegelt, Cologne London New York, 2009.

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