Sibylle Prinzessin Von Preussen
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Sibylle von Preußen: Sanssouci

Sibylle von Preußen drew the inspiration for her fantastical images from the ornaments and wall paintings of Sanssouci Palace. For many years, and together with her husband Prince Friedrich Wilhelm von Preußen, she has been following in the artistic footsteps of Frederick the Great and his passion for animals. Her artistic works depict playful decorations that are covered in countless animals such as rabbits, foxes, and hunting dogs.
These are the very animals that appear in the decorations and ornaments of the Sanssouci concert room and the so-called Voltaire room. Sibylle von Preußen’s unique style manages to combine painting and the almost forgotten art of silhouetting. The result is a delicate, floating work of flora and fauna. Pure colours, such as Prussian blue or crimson, dominate, while extraneous details and backgrounds are removed to produce a clear form.
Philosophically, Sibylle von Preußen follows the example of the French enlightenment and the respectful treatment of nature, people, and animals demanded by Frederick the Great. Her series are contemporary interpretations of animal fables, full of both humour and grace. Rabbits are playfully chasing foxes, parrots are swinging freely from delicate branches. Each type of animal appears unconstrained, free from all of life’s pressures and fears.
Her silhouettes “Iris the small dancer” and the “flute boy,” created from paintings by Antoine Watteau, reduce these historic scenes to their most basic elements and symbols. Free from intricate backgrounds and opulent horizons, a dress floats like a fragile coat next to a delicate flower. The Iris binds the series together, a renowned symbol of chivalry and a remarkable flower shape. 
As a poetic continuation of the literary-artistic collaboration between Sibylle von Preußen and her husband, on February 1st, 2012, they released the book “Vom anständigen Umgang mit Tieren” (“The Respectful Treatment of Animals”). In this book, Sibylle von Preußen illustrates historic animal figures in her characteristically playful style, shaping them as silhouettes or montages. The animals include, for example, Frederick’s favourite dog, Biche. The book’s cover picture, a blue silhouette, depicts Frederick the Great on his horse.

1952Born as Sibylle Kretschmer in Berlin, Germany
Studies of Human sciences at Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
Studies of art at Universität der Künste Berlin, Germany
Studies at School of Visual Arts New York, USA
1981-1983Assistant at Universität der Künste, Berlin, Germany
1983-1986Stay in New York, work for the international advertising agency J. Walter Thompson
1986-1988Lecturer for video art at Universität der Künste, Berlin, Germany
1988-1994Direction of the project Dokumentarisches Video at Universität der Künste Berlin, Germany
1995Artist-in-residence in the course of lecturers in Berlin, Germany
Since 1994Freelance artist and author
2005Lecturer for painting at the Academy Bad Reichenhall, Germany
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany

Гранты (избранное)

Scholarship Mishkenot Shaanim Encounters Jerusalem, 1997
Scholarship for art, Senator for culture in Berlin, 1988

Коллекции (избранное)

Berliner Bank AG
Commerzbank Berlin AG
Deutsche Bank AG | Frankfurt | Berlin | Hamburg
Dexia Hypothekenbank AG
Henning Pharma AG
Investitionsbank Berlin AG
Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie
Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (Artothek)
Siemens AG
Stadtmuseum Weimar
Stadt St. Ingbert
Verein Berliner Kaufleute und Industrieller

Выставки (избранное)

2012Kunstbüro Berlin, Germany
2010Luise, Galerie Kunstkontor, Potsdam , Germany
2009Galerie Lorch+ Seidel Contemporary, Berlin, Germany
2009The royal rabbit, Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin, Germany
2003Galerie Lorch+ Seidel Contemporary, Berlin, Germany
2000Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, Germany
1997Kunststiftung pro arte, Ulm, Germany
1997Investitionsbank, Berlin, Germany
1996Raab - Boukamel Gallery, London, UK
1996Raab Galerie, Berlin, Germany
1995Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, Germany
1994Ratner Gallery , Chicago, USA
1993Raab - Boukamel Gallery , London, UK
1992Galerie 48, Mainz, Germany
1990Galerie Kemper, Cologne, Germany
1984Pietra Santa Fine Arts, New York, USA

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